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Copyright Transfer Form

Filed in பலதும் பத்தும் by on December 22, 2019

Please print sign and email to vanakkam@panippookkal.com(PDF)

Loon Media Group LLC.
Panippookkal Magazine (PPKL)

Upon your acceptance, this letter will constitute a transfer from you to the Loon Media Group LLC of full ownership of the copyright, and all of the rights comprised therein, in all forms and media (whether now known or hereafter developed), throughout the world, in English and Tamil languages, to the work (“Work”) entitled:

Article | Story | Poem:


Your acceptance of this letter will further signify that you represent and warrant that you are the sole author(s) and sole proprietor(s) of all rights in and to the aforementioned Work; that the Work is original and not in the public domain; that it has not been previously published; that it
does not violate or infringe on any copyright or any other personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory; that it contains nothing libelous, obscene, or otherwise contrary to law; that all statements asserted in the Work as facts are true or based on reasonable
research for accuracy; and that you have full power to enter into this agreement.

Your acceptance of this letter will also constitute your agreement that the Work contains no material from other copyrighted or unpublished works that has been used without the written consent of the copyright owner and/or of the owner of any other rights to or in such other works
and that you will obtain any such written consent as may be required and deliver it to us.

Your acceptance of this letter will further constitute your agreement to the use of your name and relevant biographical information in connection with the marketing of the Work or any publication containing the Work.

Your signature at the place marked below will indicate your acceptance of this letter.


________________________ ________________________ ________________________
Author Printed Name Author Signature Date

Please print sign and email to vanakkam@panippookkal.com(PDF)

Loon Media Group LLC | P.O. Box 3021, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA

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