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Emergency Kit

Emergency_Preparedness_kit_620x412As summer rains and winter storms are upon us, it is best to keep ourselves ready for emergencies. Emergency kit should be a quickly portable set of supplies that would keep you going for some time. It has to easy accessible items at home or when family needs to be on the move due to disaster.

  1. Any emergency preparation should consider a 72 hours or 3 days of essential items that will take of the family
  2. Swiss army knife like multipurpose tools
  3. First Aid kit
  4. Toilet papers and other sanitation and hygiene items for the family
  5. Family member medications should be planned for 7 days or a week
  6. Family contact information
  7. Usable printed or laminated maps
  8. Drinking water – a gallon of water every day for each and every person, pets in the family
  9. Non-perishable food to sustain the family and pets for 3 days
  10. Have a battery or hand operated flashlight with additional packaged batteries
  11. Weather-Radio with extra batteries
  12. Mobile phone with chargers, keep them always fully charged as emergency alerts, or severe weather situations are announced

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